Mini Caramel Apples

Mini Caramel ApplesI made these mini caramel apples today and my kids LOVE them! The apples look like Crab Apples but they aren’t, I found these awesome mini Crimson Gold Apples at The Nugget grocery store.  Mini apples + a … Continue reading

Party Animal Cake!

My adventures in totally undisciplined, zero technical skill, entirely improvised cake decorating continue! I made this party animal cake over the summer for Lucas! (He’s cute, so he get’s a cake.)  The animals are made out of chocolate…meaning I spent … Continue reading

Sturgill Simpson- A Sailors Guide to Earth

Dude.  Sturgill Simpson. My ears are feasting. My sissy-poo Megan sent me this link this morning and said “Happy Friday!” and indeed it is! We have been rocking out to Sturgill Simpsons new album since its release last week, but … Continue reading

Miso Tricky!

I have a new Miso trick!! It’s citrus. Go buy some Miso paste at the grocery store and mix a spoonful of it with any kind of citrus juice you like!  Dilute the paste with the juice until it’s the … Continue reading

Lavender Shortbread Cookies

This recipe is so simple but SO special, you have to try it.  I had a Lavender Latte’ the other day and now I want Lavender everything.  My entire family is obsessed with these cookies. The lavender really takes this … Continue reading

Sugar Tea Cups

Check out these cute little tea cups I made out of gum paste and melted cola gummies for my daughters Mad Tea Party. They were cooler in real life, I’m sad I didn’t get any good pictures. I posted the … Continue reading

“My Singing Monsters” Cake!

Check out this cute little cake I made! The kids and I are obsessed with this video game “My Singing Monsters”, so I made this cake for the youngest ones 5th birthday.  Cute huh?! I made the monsters out of … Continue reading

Lee Bains and the Glory Fires

This is my new favorite band. I wish they played music like this on the radio. Open the post for a couple of videos, for some reason they won’t show up in the preview. “it’s been too long since you … Continue reading

Jalapeno Cheddar French Toast

You know those loaves of Jalapeno Cheddar bread?  Make french toast out of it. Top it with eggs and breakfast meat, then dump a bunch of gravy on top instead of syrup.  MAN FOOD! I recommend Coleman Bacon, and here … Continue reading